CATFIGHT: Three Women Brawl Inside Florida Restaurant

It took place inside a Five Guys restaurant in Miami Beach on Halloween night. The horrifying footage shows a catfight like never before, three women screaming, punching and pulling each other’s hair, all for reasons that are unknown. Countless customers who were dining inside the fast-food joint captured the moment on camera and now the footage has gone viral.

By what the cell phone videos show it looks like the fight began to get out of control when an employee from behind the counter through a stack of cups at a woman on the other side. Suddenly multiple people rush as the brawl breaks out. There was a security guard at the restaurant who was only able to break up the women after several moments. The last thing that is seen is the customer involved in the catfight walk out of the restaurant.

No complaints have been filed and as of right now police officials have not gotten involved. Take a look at the Five Guys fight and let us know your thoughts below.