Five Helpful Life Hacks for Cars

Most people get so caught up with the major details of car ownership — like getting the oil changed and making sure our insurance and registration are up to date — that we don’t pay much attention to the little tips and tricks that can make every day driving life so much easier. With that in mind, the following five life hacks for cars will make your driving experience that much better.

How to cool a car quickly

During the summer months, getting into a hot car can be extremely unpleasant. Although you turn on the A/C right away, the hot air feels like someone is pointing a blow dryer into your face. As Tested notes, there is an easy way to cool down even the toastiest of cars in less than 60 seconds. Simply roll down one of the car windows all of the way, and then go around to the other side and open and close the door about 10 times. This technique, silly as it may look to other folks in the parking lot, will push the hot air out of your car and can drop the inside temperature by an impressive 10 degrees.

How to determine how much tire tread you have left

If your tires are starting to look pretty worn, but you don’t know if you should start looking for new ones right away, a lucky penny can help you figure it out. Take a U.S. penny and put it into several of the tread grooves on your tires. If part of Abraham Lincoln’s noggin is covered by the tread, then the tire still has more than 2/32 inches of tread depth left, which is the absolute lowest it should go. If you can see the top of Honest Abe’s head, it’s time to shop for new tires.

icixivhvxhtse7wvpjsxHow to store your breakfast bagel

If you enjoy a tasty bagel on the way to work but are tired of the crumbs getting all over the place, Toyota Carlsbad suggests using a CD spindle as a handy holder. It will keep your breakfast firmly in place and prevent it from rolling all over the place. You can probably also use this technique to hold a donut in place; just be sure to wipe down the spindle as soon as you can.

How to keep litter in its place

You know those plastic cereal storage containers with the flip top lids? As Complex notes, they make amazing trash cans for cars. All you need to do is place a small plastic garbage bag inside the container (or you can use a plastic bag from your grocery store) and secure it in place with the lid. When you have straw wrappers, cold French fries or other debris to get rid of, simply pop the top, and toss in your trash. The lid will keep odors in and will also prevent the trash from spilling back out.

How to get where you’re going

Yes, many drivers despise asking for directions — but sometimes your smartphone map doesn’t know where it’s going and you need help. So, if you are late to a party and ready to get some advice on how to get there, head to the closest pizza joint. The employees there are sure to be experienced at finding just about any house or apartment in the area and, as a bonus, you can always score some cheesy bread.