5 Ways to Get Your Girl Going

We all have sex. Well, we all want to have sex. Sex is amazing! But, as a man, how good are you at it? There are few things that empower a man more than his ability to arouse a woman sexually.

When it comes to the subject of turning your woman on, it seems like the world is full of experts on the subject. But what works for one woman doesn’t always work for the next. Most men tend to think that the process of sexually arousing a woman is the same as it is for them.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Women are definitely sexual creatures, but what you need to understand is that, unlike men, women need to warm up before they reach their peak of sexual arousal. While men, on the other hand, can go from hot to cold in an instant. We know that you’re always revved up and ready to go, but women need nurturing and stimulation before they’re ready to hit the sack.

The female libido is a completely different kingdom compared to yours. Women don’t just want to be stimulated physically. Because let’s face it: There is so much more to a woman than just her beautiful looks.

Learning how to arouse, tantalize and satisfy your woman at any given time, especially during those intimate moments, will make it a lot easier and a hell of a lot more effective.

Look Into Her Eyes
This technique can be a lot more powerful than it sounds. Sure, you think it’s easy just to gaze into the windows of her soul but there’s more to it than just a few glances. You need to be able to hold your eye contact longer than she does. It’s really important that you don’t look away, that is, unless she does first. This will add an emotional level of intensity to your reaction. Looking into her eyes when you’re touching her or talking to her is one of the best ways to get her sexually aroused. C’mon guys! Just staring at her tits will get you nowhere.

Say the Right Things
Watching the things that roll off of your tongue will ensure that you don’t kill the mood. Talking about things that make her think on a more sexual level and staying away from topics that are too serious or boring will entice her and arouse her intellectually. These days most women feel that they are far more intelligent than men, and why shouldn’t they? But you have the opportunity to prove her wrong, as long as you stray away from bragging or making her feel as though you are putting her down. Instead, feed her mind with a smart and witty discussion. There’s nothing more sexy than someone who can carry an intellectual conversation.

Begin Foreplay Early
If you want to arouse her before you even see her, call her up during the day and tell her what you’ve been thinking about. This way, she’ll be excited to see you and you’ve managed to begin the foreplay hours in advance. Let her imagination run wild.

Use Your Touch
Yes, you heard right! Touch her more! Although “dirty talk” can be arousing for some women, your focus should remain on touching techniques, which can be the ultimate aphrodisiac. 

If you are capable of perfecting the subtleties of touch, you can really seduce a woman. Plus, this sensation will benefit both you and her, as well as allowing her to imagine how amazing sex can be with you. This exchange of pleasure can be absolutely incredible. But keep in mind to gauge her reaction when touching her. All women are different and some may be more reserved than others. You don’t want to execute your arousal techniques in the wrong order. For example, an inner thigh or breast touch that comes before kissing will just make you a creeper. Don’t do it.

But if she likes what you’re doing, you’ll know immediately.

Build Sexual Tension
One thing will always remain: women get turned on when you create sexual tension and slowly build anticipation. It’s all about the push and pull sequence. By slowly building that anticipation up in intervals, you’ll give her that feeling of wanting sex but leave her not knowing exactly when it will take place. Kiss her, then stop. Then start again. Try kissing her using your tongue or give her small pecks on the back of her neck. Each time you stop then start again, you’ll go a bit further than last time. Take two steps forward and one step back, again and again until she begs you for more.