Woman with Untreatable Cancer Gets a Touching and Beautiful Flash Mob Surprise

We love a good flash mob. Watching the reactions of the surprised is always amusing, but flash mobs that have a significant meaning behind them are the best.

A recent one of these brought tears to our eyes.

In 2012, the now 56-year-old Amy was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and went through a surgery and four months of chemo. Although her family had hoped for healing and a full recovery, the cancer came back in 2013 and doctors determined it was resistant to traditional chemo and that this time it was terminal.

Since then Amy and her family have learned to cherish every single day they have together and live in the moment. Part of that is showing her how appreciated and loved she is for the joy she has brought to all the various people in her life.

One day before her birthday, 50 of Amy’s friends and family members put together a flash mob to bring a smile to her face – and boy, did they. She smiled, laughed, cried and even busted a few moves of her own.

The video was intended to be something positive and uplifting for Amy to look back on in times of struggle and for the family to remember the happy moment once she is no longer here. However the power of love, along with Amy’s beautiful reaction, have skyrocketed this video to viral status across the web.

The family is grateful to share this special moment and Amy’s story with well-wishers across the globe.

Check the touching video for yourself above.