VIDEO: Does This ‘Flashing Children Prank’ Go Too Far?

No parent would be able to abide their children getting flashed by a perverted stranger. Thankfully, that isn’t what happens here, but this video caused some controversy — even as a simple prank — when it came out last year. It started making the rounds again on Facebook, so we thought we’d bring it back to your attention now.

The prankster, prolific YouTube user Roman Atwood, ran around a park pretending to flash children behind a white robe to see how they and their parents would react. Instead of being naked underneath that robe, however, he instead wore shirts sporting helpful advice like “stay in school” or “don’t do drugs.”

Some think Atwood’s prank is just that: a simple, hilarious prank, but since the video has gone viral, it’s stirred up some disagreement.

While he may not have been flashing, some parents are taking offense to the implied explicit nature of this, calling Atwood foolish (to put it nicely) for risking these parents’ understandable wrath. He got lucky with these parents, who were willing to let the prank go and even laugh it off, but who knows what a more rash father might do to him if he got the wrong idea.

We’re posting the flashing prank video here to get your feedback. Did it make you laugh hysterically, reel back in horror, or maybe nothing at all? Let us know in the poll and comments below: