WATCH: Awesome Flight Attendant Dances to ‘Uptown Funk,’ Becomes Internet Sensation

Air travel was once a glamorous luxury for the rich and famous, but now it’s more of a stress-filled means to an end. Between extra bag fees and cramped seats, it’s easy for passengers to be on their last nerve.

This is why it always makes our day to see flight attendants who go out of their way to make things a little brighter for their passengers.

One flight attendant has gone viral, after a YouTube video of her grooving out to “Uptown Funk” hit the web.

She broke out in her funkiest dance moves to the super popular Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars hit, entertaining the entire plane while waiting for some last-minute passengers to board.

Not only did she showcase some pretty sweet moves, but it kept everyone in good spirits during what would otherwise be an aggravating wait-time.

A Redditor posted the video and explained that the woman is his sister, a “former breakdancer turned flight attendant.”

What the video above.