Flight Diverted Due to Ridiculous Brawl Over Leg Room

Almost everyone who has traveled by air is familiar with the discomfort of economy seating on a plane.

Particularly tall travelers struggle for space as they try to maintain circulation in their legs. On top of the cramped space, passengers must also contend with seat-backs leaning into their laps. But it’s something most people have learned to put up with.

However, The Associated Press reported on two passengers on a United Airlines flight from Newark to Denver, who weren’t quite able to do so.

A woman and a man seated in an “Economy Plus” section –that means they paid for a little extra space– started a brawl over legroom.

The man had reportedly attached a device to his seat that prevented the woman in front of him from putting her seat back. The device, called the Knee Defender, which costs $21.95 and is banned on most airlines—including United Airlines.

A flight attendant asked the man to remove the Knee Defender, but the passenger refused the request. The woman seated in front of him then reportedly threw a cup of water at him. The situation quickly escalated, causing some to become nervous, and forced the pilots to make an unscheduled landing at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. After being left with TSA officials, the flight continued to Denver without the troublesome pair.

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