PHOTOS: The Flintstones Amusement Parks You Didn’t Know Existed

If you loved the abandoned Chinese Disneyland we posted, and if you were fascinated by our list of creepy abandoned amusement parks around the world, then you’ll shout a big ol’ “Yabba-dabba do!” for this story. That’s because there are two Flintstones Bedrock City roadside amusement parks. Who knew?

Flintstones Bedrock City in the Black Hills of Custer, South Dakota is open from mid-May through Labor Day, and it’s touted as an amusement park and campground. This was the first of four such parks — two in the United States, and two in Canada — opening in 1966. (According to the Roadside America website, the two Canadian versions didn’t survive a trademark licensing war in the 1990s.) While it’s no Six Flags, Disneyland, or even Knott’s Berry Farm (of the jellies and jam fame, for those who know it), the SD park has some rides, has Fred and Barney walking around to meet the kids — and it’s a heck of a lot more legit looking than the barren, sun-bleached Flintstones Bedrock City AZ park.

This Bedrock City is in Valle, Arizona, and the photos above belong to that park, which was built in 1972 and doesn’t look like it’s had much refurbishment since that time. It’s located on your way to the Grand Canyon, it’s $5 to get in, and people on Yelp visited it just last week so we know it’s still operating. There some rides, places for kids to explore like a giant dinosaur slide and crawl spaces, a Fredmobile tram that loops through Mt. St. Wilma (a volcano), the Bedrock Theater that plays Flintstones cartoons, a snack bar, and bunches of buildings to explore.

We found the above photos from mlhradio on Flickr, who took the shots in 2007. He’s got a ton of great photos on his page, and you should check them all out when you get a second.