Florida College Hires Strippers to Pose as Admissions Workers to Lure in New Students

A Florida college is accused of using exotic dancers to pose as admissions officials in order to lure prospective students, according to an Associated Press report. A federal lawsuit filed against FastTrain College also alleges that the school falsified documents—including high school diplomas for students who never graduated—and fraudulently obtained millions of dollars in federal money.

According to the lawsuit, the college would employ attractive female exotic dancers and have them dress provocatively in order to recruit young men. Through these, and other shady admissions tactics, the school had access to federal money.

In addition to using female enticement to boost enrollment—and creating false documents for students who didn’t finish high school—the school also reportedly created fake attendance records and backdated enrollment so that they could collect the money faster.

FastTrain, now no longer in operation, is accused of using U.S. Department of Education funds from as early as January 2009 through June 2012—when the school was closed by the FBI.

FastTrain was a for-profit college, and former students report that they continue to battle with the student loan debts they incurred during their time there. With more than 160 students identified in the lawsuit, those who were attending at the time of the shut-down can get their loans discharged under a special provision for closures.