Florida Couple Killed by Masked Gunmen While Their Five Kids Slept

Police in Florida are still searching for at least three suspects in a home invasion murder, that left two parents dead in their own home. Investigators say that CCTV security footage shows the unidentified suspects entered the home where Kantral Markeith Brooks and Esther Deneus, both 29, lived. The incident occurred in the early hours of Thursday morning.

According to the news reports their five children, ages ranging from one to 11 years old, were all home at the time.  At least one of the children witnessed the murders.

Police were notified when the house’s alarm was triggered by the intruders. When authorities arrived at the scene they discovered the couple slain. A glass pane in the front door had been smashed with a brick.

A Bradenton Police Department spokesperson told The Daily Beast that it was not a random act of violence, and that it was a planned crime. It was unknown if anything was stolen from the house.

“We believe the gentleman was targeted and the female just happened to be there at the time,” said Detective Lieutenant James Rackey.

The suspects, who carried guns, where masked—leaving police with only the leads from the surveillance footage to go on as they launch a manhunt.

The children will be placed with family members.