Police Ask Florida Man His Occupation, He Replies ‘Drug Dealer’

In one of the most Florida things to happen in recent memory, an honest-to-a-fault Florida man told a police officer that he was a drug dealer when asked his occupation following the most recent in a long line of arrests.

Robert Phillips, a 25-year-old seven-time convicted felon, was arrested by the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office Tuesday when officers found 22 grams of heroin in his car. He also had $2,316 in cash, placed in “dealer folds,” which generally indicate drug money, according to the police report published in the Smoking Gun.

NY Daily News reports that Phillips was arrested after he cut off a police vehicle on Interstate 95. The officer looked up the registration and discovered the car was stolen.

According to NY Daily News:

[The officer] followed the vehicle — which drove to an arts and crafts store, stopping in between to conduct a drug deal — the officer wrote. When he tried to stop Phillips he ran through the store — knocking down a female patron and dropping a semi-automatic gun inside the business, police said.

He was eventually apprehended and police also found more than 5 grams of crack cocaine, a drug scale, multiple hypodermic needles, empty prescription bottles and a container with a hidden compartment, police said.