Florida Man Fakes Being a Sheriff’s Deputy to Impress Girlfriend

Many people embellish the truth when they’re first dating someone in order to impress them, but this guy went a little too far.

Florida resident Christopher Sharp duped his live-in (now ex) girlfriend into believing he was a Pasco County Sheriff’s deputy for six months. He had once applied for the job at the Sheriff’s Office, but was turned down.

Unable to actually acquire the position, he stole a uniform from his sister’s boyfriend and acted the part instead. He wore the uniform, went to “work,” and came up with crafty stories about his day to share with his girlfriend, Randi Merril, when he got home in the evenings. A news release written at the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office reports “He even went so far as to provide legal advice to people regarding child custody matters, avoiding a DUI arrest, and traffic citations.”

Eventually he got found out when an investigation looking into the matter proved the 37-year-old was indeed a civilian.

So what did Sharp really do for a living? He was working at a local Pizza Hut…that’s totally like being a sheriff!

Sharp was charged with impersonating a law enforcement officer and taken into custody on a $2,000 bond.