Florida Man Shot in the Butt Over Sea Turtles

In the latest of strange news reports from Florida, a man was apparently shot in the butt with his own handgun because he was protecting sea turtles. In an attempt to protect a seat turtle nest, two volunteers who were standing guard over the creatures got into a confrontation on the beach with Michael McAuliffe.

WPLG 10 reported that McAuliffe walked up to the duo, and began to pull out the stakes being used to rope off the area.

“He got more aggressive and he got up and he came toward us,” said Doug Young, who was one of the men guarding the nest. “He started pulling the stakes away from the nest area.”

McAuliffe told the volunteers that he “didn’t like sea turtles,” despite the men explaining that they are a protected species.

As he became more aggressive the other volunteer, 72-year-old Stan Pannamon, pulled a handgun.

Witnesses reported a scuffle, during which the belligerent, turtle-hating man wrestled the Pannamon to the ground—somehow got a hold of the handgun, and shot Pannamon in the buttocks.

Pannamon, who is a Vietnam veteran, said that the bullet became lodged and won’t be removed for a few weeks.

McAuliffe, who is a convicted felon, will face multiple charges for the incident, according to the authorities.