Florida Police Taser Elderly Man with His Hands Up

A shocking new video is making rounds on the internet, showing two Florida cops tasering an elderly man who had his hands up in a surrender position.

The details surrounding the incident are not entirely clear; all we know is what’s been seen on the video. It shows two police officers surrounding a minivan, and yelling at a person or people inside. When the passenger door opens, an elderly man emerges with his hands up. One of the police yanks him out and orders him to the ground. Then, seconds later, as the elderly man stands in the street with his hands raised showing no weapon, the second officer shouts “Let him go!” and then fires his taser gun. The old man shakes from the electric current and falls to the ground before being handcuffed. There have been no reports on the man’s current condition.

It sounds as though one of the officers is shouting that the man was resisting them, but the video footage has many people questioning this accusation.

A family allegedly on their way to Key West filmed the clip. However, worried that they might be “harassed” for filming the footage, they shut off the camera.

According to Sky News, Florida Highway Patrol spokeswoman said, “The incident is under investigation.” As part of that investigation, authorities will determine whether the two officers involved acted appropriately or will face any disciplinary action as a result.