Florida Teacher Claims She Was Fired for Dating a Black Man

Adurey Dudek is a 38-year-old teacher from Orlando, Florida who was fired from her position in the math department at Edgewater High School. She was fired back in 2013, and she claims her termination was due to the administration’s discovery that Dudek was romantically involved with a black man, according to reports.

Now Dudek has filed a lawsuit against the Orange County Public school district for discrimination. The district disputes the claims of racism and say that Dudek’s dismissal was due to budget cuts.

Dudek has responded with some shocking claims of racism she experienced at the hands of the principal and vice principal during her time at the school.

Accoridng to Dudek, things started to go badly after the principal Michelle Erickson, and then-Vice Principal Anthony Serianni, discovered that her boyfriend—who is now her husband—is black.

The lawsuit described the encounter:

“Upon encountering Dudek with her boyfriend, Prinicipal Erickson appeared shocked and offended. After that encounter, Principal Erickson treated Dudek different.”

This included comments from Erickson and and Serianni berating Dudek until she cried, and complaints that Dudek associated with “those” people, The Huffington Post reported.

She also claims that staff members—including the principal and vice principal—participated in a talent show that involved a skit in which the staff wore black face “weave hair extensions” and gold teeth.

The lawsuit seeks compensation for loss of wages, emotional pain, and reputational injury.