Deaf Florida Teen Murders Mom Because Dad Went to Prison

A 14-year-old deaf boy went missing last month after stabbing his mother inside the family’s home last month. He’s now charged with her murder, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office announced Wednesday.

Mitchell Evan Daughtry of Jacksonville, has been charged not only with murder but with auto theft in connection to the homicide of his mother, Pamela Daughtry, 42. According to Florida law, he will be tried as an adult. He is being held without bond for the murder and on $25,000 bond for the charge of stealing his family’s car after the murder.

Police say that Daughtry was “angry” leading up to his mother’s death because of the incarceration of his father. It appears that he blamed his mother, though it’s not clear yet why the father was imprisoned.

Pamela Daughtry’s daughter found her stabbed to death in the kitchen of the family’s home. “She had been stabbed multiple times. She was covered with a blanket,” Lt. Gallaher of Jacksonville police said.

Before the murder, Daughtry’s daughter had received a text from her mother asking her to come by the house and speak with her brother because he was “angry.”

“When she saw the message, she went immediately to the house and discovered that her mother had been killed, and the vehicle was missing and so was Mitchell,” Lt. Gallaher said. Daughtry was already contacting friends and family by that time, saying he was in South Florida.

“During those texts and phone calls, he indicated that he had killed his mother,” Lt. Gallaher said.

Police in Miami-Dade County finally located Daughtry and took him into custody. He was committed to a mental health facility under Florida’s Baker Act because he had tried to take his own life with pills. Following his release, he was placed in the custody of a Department of Juvenile Justice facility. Wednesday afternoon he was taken to the Duval County Pretrial Detention Facility.

Neighbor Khrissy Atkinson described Pamela Daughtry, whom she knew for 17 years, as a loving mother.

“I went over to my next door neighbor’s to find out what happened and they told me it was Pam,” Atkinson said. “That’s when I found out she was dead. I can’t believe it. She was always there for her kids and it was just sad. She was a good mother.”

Kaitlynn Durham, a friend of Mitchell’s, says Daughtry was heading into ninth grade.

“He’s just different. An amazing person. His eyes are as blue as the sky. That’s really how it looks,” said Durham. “He was the quiet type. He can’t hear. He used his mouth to read lips and stuff. I would have never thought he would kill someone…he was too sweet. He just needs a little love, he’s not crazy. He just needs help.”

Durham also described Mitchell as “happy,” but his social media posts reveal a loner who was confused. On the day his mother was found, he published an Instagram post saying, “I can’t take this anymore.”