VIDEO: Florida Woman Loses Her Mind, Grabs Breasts, Attacks Car in Road Rage Incident

It’s no wonder that this insane woman is from Florida, where it seems all crazy sh*t goes down. The incident started with a light accident involving a woman in a massive car who lightly knocks into another car.

There really was no need for any fuss and no damage was done, but this woman comes out looking to bleed the woman who hit her. She starts shouting at the people in the other car, before spitting on them and getting back in her oversized vehicle.

But it doesn’t end! She gets back out again, flipping them the bird, doing a weird little dance and grabbing her breasts.

She ends the strange spectacle by threatening the people in the car that she’ll “sue you for takin’ ma motherfu**in’ picture, ho!” She then bashes their car door.

Enjoy the show.