Florida Woman Tries to Pass Urine Test with Yellow Gatorade

A Florida woman tried to pass off a mixture of yellow Gatorade and hot water as a urine sample, but ended up in jail when her plot was discovered. Tabatha Coulombe, 29, allegedly provided the fake urine sample during a mandatory screening with her probation officer.

The abnormal color and “abnormal test results” quickly tipped-off the probation officer to the ruse. Coulombe apparently admitted to the scheme, and was subsequently put in jail for violating her probation.

In the report from the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office, she admitted to concealing a plastic pill bottle—filled with the sticky combination of Gatorade and hot water— in her vagina as an attempt to defraud the urine test.

According to police reports, Coulombe was required to provide urine specimens as a part of probation requirements linked to a felony animal cruelty case from 2013.

Apparently Coulombe failed a urine test just three weeks before her Gatorade scam. She failed that screening when amphetamines were found in her sample.

Coulombe is scheduled to for an arraignment on charges for violating her probation.