Fluffy Cat Eats Ice Cream for the First Time, Gets Brain Freeze

There is nothing better than seeing a pet react to eating a strange food item for the first time. Think of dogs and peanut butter as a classic example. But this video showing when a cat eats ice cream — and then reacts to the cold temps and possible brain freeze that follows, is absolutely hilarious.

But it does raise the question: Can cats get a brain freeze the way humans do when we eat or drink something that’s too cold?

Yes, evidently, they can. A brain freeze, or ice-cream headache, or the real scientific name sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia happens when we eat or drink something that’s very cold, rapidly changing the temperature in the back of the throat at the juncture of the internal carotoid artery. It’s this artery that feeds blood to the brain, and the anterior cerebral artery, which is where brain tissue starts. The brain doesn’t like drastic changes in temperature, so it works quickly to set things right. As Science Daily explains:

The brain can’t actually feel pain despite its billions of neurons … but the pain associated with brain freeze is sensed by receptors in the outer covering of the brain called the meninges, where the two arteries meet. When the cold hits, it causes a dilation and contraction of these arteries and that’s the sensation that the brain is interpreting as pain.

Cat brains, like human ones, work the same way.

But who cares about that. Let’s just watch this fluffy kitty in action.