This Angora Rabbit May Be the Fluffiest Animal in the World

Betty Chu, a retired professor from San Jose State University is the proud owner of what may just be the fluffiest, fuzziest, most adorable rabbit in existence.

We don’t have any actual proof that this animal is in fact the fluffiest one in the world, but even if it isn’t we’d be willing to bet it comes pretty darn close. Just look at that thing!

The Angora rabbit originates from Turkey and has long been popular for its long wool that can be removed and used for a variety of reasons including knitting and crocheting.

Chu’s Angora can grow out its fur upwards of 10 inches in length, but if you’re thinking it wakes up looking this flawless every morning, you’d be mistaken. According to Huffpost, Chu uses a blower to arrange its fur to look the way it does, although we’re sure even without the extra help the rabbit is a sight to see.

Check out the images above and let us know what you think of the fluffy bunny.