The 15 Absolute Best Flying Cat Memes on the Internet

We know we can’t be the only ones who feel this way, but sometimes it seems like the internet was made for humans to get their feline fix. Cat videos, cat jokes and cat memes are all over the internet, and no matter how much time we waste watching endless videos of cats climb up inside of boxes, chase around yarn, or take a nap, we just can’t get enough. There’s no end to it and to be honest, we don’t really mind.

So when a few months back we started noticing that flying cat memes were totally becoming a thing, we were all about it. Every time a new one made its way online, we were filled with glee as we tried to be the first ones to forward the meme to our friends and shared it all over Facebook. We mean, flying cats — what’s not to love about that?

Now that the hype of this particular meme is dying down, we’re waiting on pins and needles for the next cat thing to go viral. We don’t care what form it’s in — videos, images, whatever — but someone please get on it. In the meanwhile we revisit the flying kitty cats and bring you 15 of the absolute best flying cat memes we’ve ever come across.

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