WATCH: Food Experts Eat McDonald’s and Believe It’s a Delicious “Organic” Meal

Everyone knows that eating McDonald’s is unhealthy, that it’s not real food.

The majority of this fast-food chain’s menu items contain so much saturated fat, sodium, sugar and empty carbs that it’s truly staggering, which is why healthy minded folks won’t touch the stuff.

But what happens if you were to serve unsuspecting food experts various items from McDonald’s and tell them it’s an organic meal? Would they be able to tell the difference? Well, according to the above video, that would be a big no.

When Sacha and Cedrique from Lifehunters present Mickey D’s as food from their organic restaurant at an annual food convention in the Netherlands, the results are absolutely hilarious.

It just goes to show you how the power of suggestion can make people really, really gullible. If you tell someone that something they are about to consume is organic, what reason would they have to question it?

Behold the power of marketing!

It would have been great to see their reactions after being told it was actually McDonald’s they were eating. Oh well.