20 Crazy Foods Too Adventurous for Us

Ready to be a bit grossed out? These 20 crazy foods are way too adventurous for us, but would they be yummy for you? Let us know.

Hershey’s Changes Chocolate Design after 125 Years to Include Emoji’s

The classic Hershey’s milk chocolate bar is getting a facelift after 125 years of the same old thing. Soon you’ll be able to break off a piece of that Hershey’s bar and...

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Carl’s Jr. to Release CBD-Infused Burger on 4/20

Fast food and marijuana has always had a good relationship, but one Carl’s Jr. in Denver, Colorado is taking things to the next level. Introducing the Rocky Mountain High:...

Domino’s Unveils Hot Dog Pizza

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Rachael Ray’s “30 Minute Meals” Returns April 1st (This Is No Joke)

After marinating in the back of the fridge for seven years, Rachael Ray’s real-time cooking show, "30 Minute Meals," returns!

Best News Ever: Cheese Could Be The Secret To Living A Longer Life

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Girl Scout Cookie Cereal is About To Become A Real Thing!

Have you ever been looked down on for eating cookies for breakfast? Such dirty looks and disclosed feelings of shame are about to become a thing of the past as General Mills have revealed they about...

Bacteria Will Stop You Craving Certain Foods…

Whether we know it or not, our bodies are homes to ecosystems of microorganisms that may have a profound effect on what we crave regularly and that in turn affects if we lose or...