The 15 Most Beautiful Landscapes You’ll Ever See… Made Entirely of Food

Carl Warner’s art career started typically enough, as he created landscapes and still photography, but what he’s doing now is anything but typical.

Without leaving behind his landscape roots, Warner has ventured into far more unconventional medium that sets him apart from his contemporaries: food landscapes. Warner coined the term foodscape, proving once and for all how creative he is.

The English artist started with humble beginnings, mostly working in the unfulfilling advertising industry with aspirations in line with the likes of Salvador Dali and Patrick Woodroofe.

When he find himself plagued with what can only be called artist’s block, he stumbled upon inspiration in a market. A few Portobello mushrooms made him think of a surreal tree from an alien world. He bought the mushrooms, along with some brown rice and a few other ingredients, and went home to create history with the very first foodscape.

Since then, he’s created a total of 79 foodscapes with more on the way, gaining international media attention. It’s paved the way for Warner’s books, interviews, merchandise, and similarly surreal photo series (bodyscapes among them — but that’s for another article).

Needless to say, this success is more than deserved — just look at the detail in the slideshow above and imagine how long it might take to stack all those pineapples. all the while resisting the urge to eat the supplies. Visit Warner’s site for more of the same.