Crazy Raw Footage of Attempted Robbery Captured on Tourist’s Camera

A man on a bike tour in Buenos Aires, Argentina was accosted at gunpoint by a would-be thief in broad daylight—and he caught the whole thing on his camera!

The chilling raw footage shows a man on a motorcycle as he blocks the bike path that tourist Alexander Hennessy was riding. The robber flashes a gun, demanding Hennenssy’s backpack of camera gear and acting with increasing aggression as Hennessy tries to get away.

Hennessy–who captured the footage on the GoPro camera he was wearing–is heard saying “amigo, amigo,” and “I don’t know what you’re saying,” to the Spanish-speaking robber. While you can hear how freaked out he is, Hennessy remains admirably level-headed and calm throughout the encounter—backing away, maintaining distance, and trying to avoid escalating the situation.

Hennessy was surrounded by biking companions who finally helped him make a run for it and summon a nearby office.

The footage was handed over to police, who were able to arrest the suspect that same day.

It turns out that Hennessy’s trip to Argentina was a part of Global Degree, a group with the mission to step foot in every country in the world. The video was posted to the group’s YouTube and Facebook page with the message that the incident won’t stop them from attempting to visit all 195 countries.

Check out the chilling video above.