Footage That Shows Kindergarteners Line Up to Be Kicked by Their Teacher Sparks Outrage

An unusual form of punishment has outraged parents, and led to an investigation, after a gymnastics teacher was caught on camera kicking kindergarten-aged school children. About 20 students were forced to form a line outside of a school in Shanxi, China, after they allegedly did poorly while preparing for a gymnastics competition, People’s Daily Online reported.

Their teacher then made them line up, and then physically kicked them as punishment. The whole disturbing thing was caught on camera as she walked down the line, kicking them one by one.

Students are visibly sent lunging forward from the impact of the kick. While no serious injuries were reported, thankfully, parents and the public were obviously outraged.

The teacher was suspended after the video leaked, and an investigation has been launched. The teacher was identified by Chinese media outlets as Hao Yan, and the incident allegedly took place recently at the Zhang Gang Kindergarten.

Apparently the teacher’s supervisor, principal and deputy principal were all fined as punishment as well.

You can watch the shocking footage of the incident in the video above, but be warned that it may be disturbing to some viewers as it depicts violence against young children.