Ford Mustang Burnout Fail at Car Competition

It happens so often these days, it’s seldom a surprise anymore: You’re hanging out with friends, when all of a sudden you ear the high-pitched squeal of a car burning rubber down the road. Tension crawls up your back as it flies past you and other cars on the road — and you know the driver of that car feels like a pretty bad ass dude.

When that happens, is there a tiny part of you that hopes the driver crashes? Not into you or someone else. You don’t want innocents getting hurt. But you have to admit that a small part of you secretly (or not-so-secretly) hopes that guy loses control and gets a little humbling lesson, don’t you?

Well, wait no more. The above video features a Ford Mustang burnout fail compilation that is pretty amazing. The YouTube page called it “Drivers with No Skills Try to Show Off at a Ford Mustang Meeting,” and all we know is that it was posted on July 28th of last year. Where it took place — other than at a Ford Mustang meeting — and who all was involved are unknown, but it’s clear that this is a series of clips featuring drivers trying to perform awesome burnouts on a long stretch of road with traffic all around them… and failing at doing it.

Check out the Ford Mustang burnout fail video and enjoy the sweet karma that happens when guys trying to look like studs, end up performing like tools.