Forgetful Mom Abandons Baby in Her Quest to Find the Perfect Doughnut

A mother left a Southern California doughnut shop worker with a few extra responsibilities when she unwittingly left behind her baby girl in search of better doughnuts.

According to NBC San Diego, the woman had her cousin five-month-old daughter in tow Wednesday morning while she tried to find a specific sweet treat at the Golden Donuts shop in National City.

Disappointed that the shop didn’t have the perfect doughnut they sought, the two women left, doughnut-less and baby-less. They continued their quest at the Yum Yum Donuts in Spring Valley.

“I thought she took the baby,” the store employee said. “And then a customer told me, ‘Oh the baby on the table.’ And then I look around. She was already gone.”

The employee called 911. Meanwhile, the mother, now at the second doughnut shop, realized what she had done and called Golden Donuts to check in. The mother was reunited with her baby soon, and she told officers her and her cousin had lost track of who was keeping an eye on the baby at the first store.

The mother was reportedly not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and was not cited or arrested.