WATCH: Formula 1 Car Looks Amazing & Terrifying on Infrared Camera

An interesting experiment from thermal imaging company FLIR (which we’re told makes an iPhone infrared camera) and  Infiniti Red Bull Racing shows viewers what a Forumla One car looks like when shot using a thermal imaging camera. And the results are both incredibly cool and slightly terrifying.

According to Wired, Infiniti Red Bull Racing sent its RB8 Forumla One car to the Gamma Racing Day festivities in the Netherlands in early August for the experiment. FLIR shot the vehicle doing donuts “to get better info on how its RB10 Formula One car’s various components heat up and cool off, so it can manage temperatures and improve reliability.”

This isn’t a new concept. As the Buzz 60 video above explains, thermal imaging has been used in racing for years as a way for manufacturers to see the stresses these cars and drivers are under, and to make safety and performance improvements.

So what does it look like? The Formula 1 infrared camera footage in the video above shows it all pretty clearly, but let’s just say it’s explosive — “hell on wheels” to quote a cliche — spewing fire and flames, with tires that start glowing like lava. It truly resembles an amazing special effects sequence you’d see in an awesome action movie where the driver lights up the road in flames from all that sheer power.

Check out the incredible footage above.