Mother of Picture Perfect Family Allegedly Murders Daughter

They looked like the picture perfect family until a shocking discovery was made. Jennifer Rosenbaum is a 27-year-old law student at Emory University, and according to PEOPLE, she is also a former military officer. Now she and her husband are both facing multiple charges including murder, assault and child cruelty.

Laila Marie Daniel, was a two-year-old foster child in the care of Rosenbaums, that was until she died on November 17th. According to various reports Laila was starved and beaten for months, but it was a hit to her abdomen that is believed to have caused her death.

Jennifer’s lawyer thinks that the little girl’s injuries are from her previous foster family. Reports say that Laila began chocking which is when she tried to give her CPR, the Rosenbaum attorney says that is what caused all the bruises on the toddler.

As of today, Jennifer is awaiting her court date and is being held without bond, her husband Joseph met bail of $10,000 and was released.

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