Frankfurt Airport Evacuated Due To Bomb Threat

All hell broke loose at Frankfurt Airport after a bomb alert was received which resulted in an emergency evacuation. The evacuation was organized due to an individual entering the security area before the security check on her was complete according to Fraport, the airport’s operator. She attempted to leave the terminal but was immediately apprehended by police. Terminal A and A+ (levels 1 and 2) were cleared as a measure of prevention and passengers were rechecked before boarding their planes. A spokesman for the police department says that it was still unclear if the individual intentionally breached the check in order to carry aboard forbidden items or not as she was still being questioned. The alert caused delays at Lufthansa’s airlines main base, the transport hub.


The suspect was there with two young children at her side but she ran off while she was being scanned by security for traces of explosives. They do not know if the breach and disappearance was intentional or not. After the terminal was cleared of panicked passengers, no suspicious packages were found. Frankfurt Airport is the largest airport in Germany and fourth largest in Europe (65 million users a year capacity) meaning that a bomb could cost many lives if it was to go off here making it a great target for terrorists.

Passengers were reported as saying that they were not informed of the reason behind the evacuation but that a rumor was spread saying that someone tested positive for explosives. As a result of this rumor, earlier reports spoke of a bomb threat as the reason for evacuating the area. The evacuation was just a precautionary step to ensure the safety of the awaiting passengers and to check that the terminal was clear. Travelers were advised to check the times of their flights and also to allow for extra time to get to the airport due to tight police presence. Many delays were caused for incoming and outgoing flights because of the incident during the course of Wednesday.

Image Source: EPA
Image Source: EPA

The woman had to be subjected to questioning as traces of explosives have been found in her rucksack but no explosives or components thereof could be found. As people arrived in jets from various locations they had to remain inside them on runways and in holding areas due to the incident. Fortunately the terminal wasn’t closed for too long but delays were still at the order of the day for quite a while after. There were over 100 flights cancelled due to the rumors of a bomb threat were spread earlier in the day. It is still unclear how many passengers were affected by the day’s happenings because even though the terminal was open again by 12:20 pm, the delays carried on until later into the evening. What happened with the two children she had with her is still unclear.