Meet the Original ‘Freaks’ that Inspired ‘American Horror Story: Freakshow’

In 1932, a horror classic was born. The producers of “Freaks” dared to cast real-life “freak show” performers, which caused a stir throughout the United States and beyond. It wasn’t that the film received horrible reviews from critics, it just¬†didn’t inspire people to flock to the theaters.

The film was created by director Tod Browning after MGM executive Irving Thalberg asked him to create a horror film that would top “Dracula.” It was quite obvious that this wouldn’t happen.

It wasn’t until 1962 that the film showed up at the Cannes Film Festival. A handful of years later the film became a staple in the midnight horror film circuit.

The film’s latent popularity led to the creation of something much greater. “American Horror Story” aired in 2014 and it’s quite clear that it was influenced by the 1932 flop.

Click here for the full cast of “Freaks.”¬†Also, if you want to dive into the inspiration of “American Horror Story: Freaks” further, click here.

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