‘Free Chips’ at a Casino Prank Has Us Laughing and Ready for the Weekend

Casino pranks aren’t something you see every day — mostly because filming inside one can be difficult, and when it comes to money, people don’t like to joke around.

But this one from Evan Rosenman of the EvanEraTV YouTube channel is pretty great. It’s the kind of comedy you don’t normally see in a prank video these days.

Why? Because it’s fun!

Recently, there have been a lot of prank videos that really push boundaries — like tricking mom into thinking you’ve been kidnapped, or burning your boyfriend’s butt with pepper spray. Some of them are pretty epic and make you gasp / laugh in amusement / shock / and fear. Entertaining, sure, but afterwards you spend a bit of time thanking God that this event didn’t happen to you.

With this “Free Chips” video, it’s not only funny but, as we said, it’s fun. It’s also kind of corny, but we love it for that, too, because when the participants being filmed realize what’s happened, they invariably laugh about it. They have a good time as well, and that got us into a great mood and ready to have some fun this weekend. And maybe even hit a casino. Check it out and enjoy.

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