Free Slurpee Day Goes Bigger, Gets a Cupgrade

Before you head out to lunch today, we suggest you consider stopping by your local 7-Eleven to  grab a free Slurpee.

In recent years the chain has designated July 11 (or 7-11) of every year as “Free Slurpee Day,” which means every customer receives a free cup of the icy cool drink. What makes this year even more exciting is the increase in the serving cup size.

Until last year the cup measured 7.11-ounces but for practical reasons they’ve upped the size to almost twice as large: 12 ounces, the chain’s regular small size.

In case you’re wondering why the convenience store so generously gives away the free icy goodness on this day, here’s a quick run-down: It’s a great marketing tool.

USA Today explains “Even though small Slurpees are free during the promotion — which runs from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. local time — overall Slurpee sales are expected to jump as much as 40% on Thursday, compared with a typical July day […] The three biggest-selling items on past freebie Slurpee days: chips, beef jerky and, of course, hot dogs.”

It isn’t just about making money however. Laura Gordon, vice president of marketing and brand innovation says that although Free Slurpee Day reminds customers of the iconic drink, it’s also a way of saying thank you.

No 7-Eleven, thank YOU.