French Marathon Offers Runners Wine & Cheese Instead of Water

It’s true, running can be painfully hard and zap the life out of you. But a French marathon tries to make it a hell of a lot more bearable—and a lot classier—by motivating runners with wine and cheese along the route.

The marathon is Le Marathon du Medoc near Bordeaux, the BBC reports. Runners come decked out in elaborately-themed outfits for the lengthy course.

While the 2013 Paris marathon’s average speed clocked in at just over four hours, the Medoc’s time limit is jokingly referred to as the longest marathon in the world. It is easy to understand why a longer limit is necessary because of the amount of booze and refreshments available to participants.

Participants are allowed six-and-a-half hours to complete the run, because lining the runner’s paths are stop-offs at various chateaux. At these stops, runners can feast on the finest delicacies of French cuisine and enjoy fine wine before continuing the race.

A CNN writer, who participated in the 2013 race, reported that there are an anticipated 10,000 participants expected to race this year, the highest number of entrants yet.

No word from sommeliers about which wines are best paired with a 26 mile run.