French Soldier’s Bedroom Hasn’t Been Touched Since 1918 & Can’t Be Touched for 400 Years

A French soldier’s bedroom has been a huge part of a house selling negotiation in the village of Belabre, central France. The soldier was born in the house and died in the Battle of Loker in 1918.

The officer’s name was Hubert Rochereau, and he was killed in Belgium. Following his death, his parents vowed to preserve his room and make it a historical shrine to his memory. Upon the selling of their home, they made the new owner promise to keep the room as a shrine for at least 500 years. Nearly 100 years have lapsed and the current owner is more than happy to respect their wishes.

According to the Daily Mail, Rochereau died in an English field ambulance on April 26, 1918. He had been wounded the day before as he served as a second lieutenant with the 15 Dragoons Regiment. The French military awarded him a posthumous croix de guarre and Legion of Honor for his courage in battle and dedication to those in need.

We were struck by the power of the above images and couldn’t help but share them with the world. Look closely and you will be able to see his sword, fencing helmet, gun collection, and his many other belongings he collected over time.

Most importantly, the photos illustrate the passing of life’s moments. What was once the most important periods in history is now a distant memory. Thankfully, there are people who understand the importance of keeping history alive.