These Pills Are Saving Peoples’ Lives, But You’ll Freak Out When You Find Out What’s in Them

Every year in the US, around 14,000 people are killed by Clostridium difficile (CDI), a bacterial infection that causes revolting and debilitating diarrhea.

In the past, an effective treatment involved something called a “fecal transplant,” which is pretty much what you’d imagine. This kind of transplant uses the poop of a healthy person to get rid of the CDI bacteria by replacing it with healthy “gut” bacteria — fresh feces. The procedure isn’t something anyone would ever want to endure.

Up until now, there were only two options available to transplant the feces into a person’s system: by shoving a tube down your throat or via a colonoscopy. Both of these options sound completely horrifying, don’t they.

Thankfully, at least for folks suffering from this condition, researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital discovered a way to deliver the transplant effectively with a frozen poop pill.

Yes, you heard that right. People are swallowing frozen poop pills to stop their horrible case of diarrhea.

Healthy donors give away their stools, it is put in pill form, and then kept frozen for future use.

It was reported that this treatment worked better than any powerful antibiotics typically used to cure C. diff.

One draw back, other than the fact that real human poop is inside of them, is that the coating of the pill is a clear shell, and you can see exactly what’s inside. Apparently, these pills need to be acid resistant in order to reach the large intestines and only clear colors can do so.

The yuck factor here is almost incomprehensible. But while it may be a hard pill to swallow, this treatment could potentially saves thousands of lives each year.

Would you swallow someone else’s poop if your life was at stake?