Woman Sues Disney’s ‘Frozen’ For Allegedly Stealing Her Life Story

As the highest grossing animated movie of all time, Disney’s Frozen has gotten a lot of attention and praise.

Well Latin American author Isabella Tanikumi believes that praise should go to her as she claims the film is based on her life story and is now suing the movie’s producers for $250 million, according to TMZ.

Tanikumi disputes Disney’s claim that the movie was inspired by a Hans Christian Anderson fairy-tale called The Snow Queen, and says it’s copied from her autobiography entitled Yearnings of a Heart, which chronicles her childhood in Peru and journey over to America.

The Independent reports “Tanikumi’s three page complaint insists that Frozen stole the story, characters and general feeling from her work and demands a jury trial. She lists 18 examples of what she claims to be plagiarism from characters’ names to the animated film’s central sisterly relationship.”

The official lawsuit documents can be viewed here.