FRUIT HACK: How to Remove a Strawberry Stem (the easy way)

We love strawberries at any time of year, but in the summer they are certainly their sweetest. This means that right now they are popping up in tons of great desserts and drinks– or just for casual snacking.

When removing the green stem and leaves from the fruit, most people tend to just lop off the top of the entire berry. This, my friends, is a waste. You can sometimes lose a whole bite with that cutting. And those bites are too delicious to miss.

The traditional method to removing the stem and saving the most fruit is by using the tip of a knife, poking it into the base of the stem, and carefully moving the fruit in a circular motion to cut it out. The problem? For some people, this is too difficult or too much work. It’s also not the safest option if you have kids who want to help in the kitchen.

But there is a solution! Daniel Ehlers, whose life hacks we’ve posted from time to time on the website, has an ingenious method of removing the stem, saving as much fruit as possible, and doing it with only a straw. It’s fun, super easy, and can actually help out if you’re going to use the strawberry for a dish where you want it to look as pristine as possible.

Check out Daniel’s “How to Remove a Strawberry Stem” video above, and for more of his videos, click here.