Fugitive “Baby Doll” Drug Lord Finally Captured

Ana Marie Hernandez may look like a doll, but she’s one dangerous lady who has been on the run from U.S authorities for a couple of years now. The reason she’s highly wanted is because for many years she and her former husband were operating a cocaine pipeline from Mexico to El Paso, Texas and finally to Chicago.

Hernandez is 38 years old and was nicknamed “La Muneca,” or “Baby Doll,” because of her Barbie-like good looks and because of her very expensive taste in high fashion and luxury lifestyle. She’s reported to have spent $30,000 in cash for an in-ground pool at her Texas home. She also spent hundreds of thousands on shoes and clothes when her job as a drug lord was flourishing.

Hernandez went on the lam after pleading guilty in 2013 to charges that she oversaw the cocaine operation with her then-husband,Daniel Ledezma, who was working as a U.S. Border Patrol officer at the time.

The U.S. Border at El Paso, Texas, is known for drug dealers climb through the fencing to make deliveries, but Hernandez and her husband didn’t need to cut through fences to run multi-kilo shipments of cocaine from Juarez, Mexico, into El Paso and finally into Chicago and a few other American cities. Hernandez would arrange drug shipments and Ledezma would wave through truckloads of drugs at his crossing post. They were a dynamic drug duo, and they ran the street drug scene in Chicago.

Ledezma was convicted in 2010 and is in prison. Hernandez was arrested in Chihuahua City, Mexico, on a fugitive warrant only recently. She is awaiting extradition to Texas, where she already pleaded guilty to drug conspiracy and bribing a public official in 2013.

According to federal court records, Hernandez’s cocaine trafficking supplied dealers mainly in Chicago, St. Louis and Panama City, Florida.

According to federal drug agents, her drug-trafficking group is tied to the Juarez Cartel.