Full Police Escort Takes Boy to His First Day of Kindergarten, and the Reason Why Will Break Your Heart

P.J. Hill’s life changed forever when his father, a Detroit police officer named Patrick Hill, was fatally shoot in the line of duty two years ago. Officer Hill was only 37 at the time, and left behind a four children, including P.J.. Now on P.J.’s first day of school, he was able to arrive with the memory of his father by his side.

P.J. always wanted his father with him on his first day of school so last week a group of cops banded together as surrogate fathers on his special day. P.J. arrived for his first day of kindergarten with a full police escort that included a motorcade of armored vehicles.

His mother, Deodge Hill, told WPXI-TV that for her son it was like having his father there in spirit.

Sergent Gregory McWhorter said “he has one central father, he always will. But he always has surrogate fathers, many, numerous, throughout the police department.”