Fun-Loving Cops Get Down During Mardi Gras Celebration

You’ve got to give it up to fun-loving cops. They lay down the law but also know how to get down.

Case-in-point: These two law-enforcement officials who were caught having a great time at a recent Mardi Gras celebration. TV station WILX from Lansing, Michigan released the video above which shows a few revelers dancing in step with the authorities.

We’re not talking just about a few seconds of reluctant moving about, either. Nope, this pair went all out. They bust out a choreographed two-step, do a little bit of shimmying and there’s some definite booty-shaking going on there too.

Like we said, they know how to get down. Check out the video above.

The really cool part about this is it isn’t an isolated incident. Click over to see another fun video from last year of three police officers putting on an impromptu dance-off at a different carnival festival.

So is cops dancing alongside party-goers becoming a trend? We certainly hope so.