Funeral ‘Selfies’ — the Latest Craze We Can’t Believe Actually Exists

Has the selfies craze gone too far? While we’re not one to judge (at least to your face) here’s the latest craze that may sway your opinion — funeral selfies. Check out the slideshow above that displays some examples of what it’s all about.

This isn’t just some random event that’s happened in a couple places. A recent episode of The Doctors actually explored the phenomenon. Here’s the video:

The question they ask on the website is this:

Should people take “selfies” at a funeral? Is it a way to mourn and seek support from friends and family, or is it an inappropriate trend that should die quickly? The Doctors weigh in on “corpsies.”

So, what do you think? Is this concept offensive? (Are we just old fashioned in thinking it’s super tacky?) We never thought about it as a means of mourning those who have passed, so from that perspective do you think it’s fine? And, if you have a problem with it, what would you do if you saw someone you know in a selfie (or in the process of taking a funeral selfie) like the ones above? Would you say something to that person?

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