Family Discovers Something Absolutely Horrific Destroying Their Home (VIDEO)

Crystal and Chris Zettell of Pomona, California, are desperate for help after discovering a horrific “orange, pancake-batter-looking” substance oozing from the walls in their home.

“We’ve had 10 people out here,” Crystal told KTLA. “Nobody could find a leak. Nobody knows what it is. Nobody comes back after the first time they come.”

The couple came across the mysterious growth a few months ago and are now hard-pressed remedy the situation, especially since their insurance company denied their claim.

At first, they attempted scraping away the substance but it just kept coming back. Then, when Chris finally tore through the wall, he found that a fungus was growing behind it.

When an expert looked into the issue, he determined the growth was Meruliporia incrassate, also known as poria. It is a rare wood-consuming fungus that can completely destroy entire homes.

The cost to repair the damage is estimated to be tends of thousands of dollars.