The 30 Funniest Animal Photobombs of All-Time

Photobombing is an oft misunderstood art, dating back to Renaissance days, when naked men would wander into scenes being painted by artists in hopes of ruining them by making a funny face.

Nah–actually, it’s just a fun way to troll people in real life without coming across as a complete jerk. The best photobombs, of course, are the ones that can make everyone smile and laugh at their absurdity.

And it’s hard to imagine anyone not laughing at an animal photobomb. Humans may have invented the craze, but animals have perfected it. For proof, look no further than the above slideshow of animal photobombs, showcasing some classics wherein cats, dogs, hippos, and every animal in between ruin beautiful photographs.

Well, not so much ruin as make infinitely better.

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