Funniest Channing Tatum Dance Video of 2012

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon scored big this year with a ton of hilarious sketches. We loved his “History of TV Theme Songs,” the Honey Boo Boo “Everyone’s a Little Gay” remix, getting kids to freak out over stolen Halloween candy, and his Christmas moment with Mariah Carey.

But one of our favorites was for a fake home talk show called “Ew!” where Jimmy played teenage girl Sara (with no “h,” because H’s are “Ew!”). On this episode, Sara invites her friend Susie over to be on the show, and Susie is played by none other than Magic Mike star Channing Tatum.

People are pretty aware of Tatum’s past stripper career, and they know the boy can dance, but put him in drag, make him play a teenage girl, and THEN asking him to do a hip hop routine is pretty genius. Add in a creepy step father, plus a crush on Dustin Hoffman, and this is a sketch that makes the writers at SNL jealous.

Check it!