Funniest Google Searches Only New Moms Make

We all know new mothers or to-be mothers over think every possible situation. From how to feed their baby to what to do when their newborn has gritty poop, these are some of the funniest searches that we found.

During pregnancy:

  • Do babies poop in the womb?
  • Can pregnant women eat sushi?
  • Should I save my placenta?

After the baby is born:

  • How little sleep can a person actually survive on?
  • Is it OK if my baby only sleeps in her swing?
  • Why won’t my baby sleep in her crib?

Baby’s bowel movement concerns:

  • Why is my baby’s poop gritty?
  • When does baby poop start to smell?
  • When does baby poop look like regular poop?

Crying babies:

  • How long can I let my newborn cry?
  • Why don’t babies have tears?
  • Do babies cry when they are mad?

Confused moms:

  • I dropped my baby what should I do?
  • Can my baby see me?
  • Is my baby afraid of my husband?

Health-related inquiries:

  • Images of baby rashes
  • How to treat a stuffy nose in a baby?
  • Can my baby get the flu?

Postpartum concerns:

  • When will my hair stop falling out after baby?
  • How long does it take to lose the baby weight?
  • Can your uterus fall out postpartum?

Breastfeeding questions:

  • Can my baby choke on my nipple?
  • Can my baby bite my nipple off?
  • Can my newborn be allergic to my breast milk?

Older children:

  • Which is worse: twos or threes?
  • Can you tell if someone is going to be a criminal when he is a toddler?
  • Does time-out mentally harm a child?

Although these are only a few of the google searches by new mothers, we’re sure there are hundreds others we haven’t covered.

Let us know if you’ve ever googled a strange question regarding your newborn child!