PHOTOS: Hot Celebrities With British Teeth — A Photoshop Adventure

This post is not meant in any way shape or form to be horribly mean. However, it can be said that the British have long been associated with having really bad teeth. This is precisely why our very talented (trouble-making) art director created the above slideshow.

Plus, it is quite fabulous to see the transformation of some of Hollywood’s most glamorous stars, as their teeth are swapped out for a less appealing set. And yes, these teeth were taken directly from the mouths of actual British men and women from the Web.

While the English are known the world over as having horrid teeth, New York cosmetic dentist Thomas P. Connelly has concluded they aren’t any worse off than anywhere else.

So why does this stereotype continue to flourish? Connelly has concluded that because the British were so powerful during the 19th century, their leaders were the talk of the world community. And unfortunately, many of them needed a bit of dental work.

“One thing I did find in my research… is that Brits are not so obsessed with perfect teeth like Americans are,” said Connelly. “Also, there does seem to be a shortage of dentists in Britain.”

Whatever the reason for the stereotype, we hope you enjoy this bit of sarcasm. And yes, if you love it, please share it with your friends!