Lazy Dude Tries to Hook Up with 32 Girls Using One Text

There are some funny Tinder stories on the web, but we think this one tops them all. Tinder user Joshua took virtual dating to a whole new level of lazy by contacting 32 of his matches on one iPhone group message.

For those of you who don’t know, Tinder is a hookup / dating app where user profiles are displayed based on your location. A swipe to the left indicates you are not interested in the other person, while a swipe right means you are attracted to him or her. The only way to contact another user is if there is mutual interest, leaving out the awkward rejection that can come with regular online dating sites or apps.

From Tinder’s internal chat feature, interested users can give out their number to their matches. This means that Joshua talked up 32 girls before getting their numbers, and either accidentally put them all on a group message (which means he’s a little dense) or he was just plain lazy.

This unfortunately hilarious incident banded the girls together and they then proceeded to bash Joshua, who had not responded since his initial, “Hey gorgeous, what’s up?” text.

It turns out, Joshua had privately contacted a few girls not to, “get their panties in a bunch,” and explained he was busy with work and could not possibly message everyone individually. He claimed that even though he was “not a billionaire yet” he could get them free drinks with his connections.

Check out screen caps of the messages to see how the story unfolds. (Some NSFW language used.)

Source: Elle