This Weatherman Just Doesn’t Give a Damn Anymore

You know those days when you just don’t care anymore? We’ve all had that experience at one time or another, and most likely more than just once.

Sometimes when you’ve run out of steam, depending on the situation and place, you either just give up and slip into inactivity or you let it all out and get all kinds of cuckoo. Who cares what others think?

Weatherman Joe Snedeker did the latter of the two during a recent broadcast when he seemed to just not care anymore. Watch as he starts off delivering a typical forecast and then seems to go into that relatable “who gives a damn?” mindset and loses all sense of composure.

It’s a real laugh fest, but it turns out the quirky weatherman pulls stunts like this all the time, according to commenters who watch his show regularly. Regardless of the intention behind the bit, it’s still tons of fun to watch.

Check it out above.